Sunday, January 24, 2010

In the beginning....

When I was around 12 years old, my mother taught me to sew. I loved it so much my first project in school (back in the day we had "Home Ec") got an A+ and a passion began. The same is true for my friend Angie. She also learned to sew from her mother and she did so well in school that she was always given more advanced projects than her classmates. Sewing gave us the ability to custom make our clothing and were assured no one else would be wearing what we did. I loved to sew so much that I made all the clothes I took on my honeymoon (love that polyester!). The clothes lasted longer than the marriage! (Just kidding). Over the years I had the joy of making clothing and costumes for my daughters as well as clothing for myself. I now have the joy of sewing for my grandchildren. (Pictures to follow.)
Angie and I met at church 20 years ago and a few years ago began making window treatments for customers and most recently made all the costumes for St. David's Annual Christmas Pageant. What fun it is to do something you truly love to do. Some people create by painting, some compose music, we sew.

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