Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Final Posting

With much thought and prayer I have decided to totally retire. Angie will continue in our fine tradition of custom made christening gowns, rompers, teddy bears, tree skirts, bibs, shoes, ornaments, etc. I will certainly miss the joy I see on the faces of our moms and grandmoms when they see their dreams come true but I moved quite a distance away from Angie and the commute was getting tough! Please continue to use the link to the website to contact her. I have every confidence Angie can make whatever you need from your wedding gown. I am so happy to have been a part of so many special days. Here's our final order done togethe for a friend of my daughter's, Stacy for her baby Tiffany Rose. May God bless you all.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wintry Posting

So, it's been a loooong, cold, snowy winter here in NJ, but I'm thankful I don't live in Boston. Keeping busy during our "down" season means creating items to sell at our local Craft Boutique "Your Hearts Desire". We like to try new things and see how they fly so we made quilted table runners and baskets to add to our usual customer favorites. It's also a little break from all things baby. 

But not completely. I decided to try a few new styles of baby shoes to add to our repertoire. 
 The adorable little ruffled ones I found a pattern for and changed up a bit, covering the elastic with fabric and completely encasing the seams with a soft lining. You can go to:

You can get wonderful ideas from Pinterest!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Shoes!

We are always looking to add to our product selections and this new shoe style can be used as a boy's shoe or "glammed" up for a girl. We think it would look adorable with a little cross embroidered on the toe for a christening shoe. We think they are just adorable!

Gifts for my Girls

I actually took a pair of scissors to my own wedding gown! I must admit my heart went into my throat and I understood how our mommies feel when they bring us their gowns. I wanted my girls to have a piece of my gown as a remembrance so I created these Christmas ornaments for them.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Diane-Part II

We love having our mommies return to us. Diane had moved out of state and shipped what was left of her gown to create a boy's vested romper for her new son, a tie that he can wear on his 1st communion day and a veil for her daughter to use on her 1st communion day.  The veil was created out of mom's wedding veil. Basically all the satin was used, but there's still some of the lace overlay left that can be incorporated into a pillow or Christmas ornament. The satin was buttery soft and made a beautiful outfit for her son. Here's what she had to say about her new creation:
You've done it again - another beautiful creation! My son's gown exceeded my husband and my expectations and the veil and tie are just perfect. I have several years before they make their 1st Communion, but I'm excited to have these for them. Thank you for creating beautiful treasures for them. We will send pictures after the Baptism!


Friday, November 21, 2014

For Claire

Our newest mommy came to us with a gown that was elegant and understated. It was made of silk dupioni with a white satin underlay, quite beautifully made with a pleated skirt. We chose to make baby's gown the same way, with a pleated skirt and to give it a little interest, used the white satin for the sleeve band, the waistband, sash and shoes. The bonnet was also created with pintucks and we embellished the brim with the white satin as well. We usually advise ties for small babies so it can be pulled in if necessary and still be big enough for a sister who might be bigger. God bless! 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Christmas Ornament from Wedding Gown

We just love finding new things to do with wedding gowns, especially when there is very little left after creating our christening outfits. We sometimes laugh because people seem to think because baby's clothes are so small and the gowns are so big there should be lots of fabric left over--not so!!! You'd be surprised how much fabric it takes, especially for the little rompers for boys. Anyway, here's a great DIY project for your gown. If you're not into DIY, contact us to do it for you!
Here's the link: