Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Diane-Part II

We love having our mommies return to us. Diane had moved out of state and shipped what was left of her gown to create a boy's vested romper for her new son, a tie that he can wear on his 1st communion day and a veil for her daughter to use on her 1st communion day.  The veil was created out of mom's wedding veil. Basically all the satin was used, but there's still some of the lace overlay left that can be incorporated into a pillow or Christmas ornament. The satin was buttery soft and made a beautiful outfit for her son. Here's what she had to say about her new creation:
You've done it again - another beautiful creation! My son's gown exceeded my husband and my expectations and the veil and tie are just perfect. I have several years before they make their 1st Communion, but I'm excited to have these for them. Thank you for creating beautiful treasures for them. We will send pictures after the Baptism!


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