Thursday, February 4, 2010

And Sew On....

One of my pet peeves of late (and my husband will verify) is the fact that there are no fabric stores near where I live. I guess there aren't alot of sewers left around here! Not too long ago I could go 15 minutes in 3 different directions and find a fabric store. Now it takes over a half an hour to get to one and one of them has a small stock of fabric. I can and do order online. There are plenty of places online, but part of the creation process involves touching and seeing the fabric. I recently ordered online a "maroon" jersey knit with a "maroon" stretch lining and the colors were no where near each other! Feeling the fabric and envisioning what it might become, a jacket, pants, blouse, etc. is part of the whole sewing experience. Someone commented that maybe I should open a fabric store myself but then we're back to not having customers because not many people sew anymore. Sigh....


  1. I know it's a little far, but have you ever gone to the fabric store in Lakewood?? Everytime I need fabric, I go there. It's so jammed packed with different fabrics you could be in there for hours!

  2. Have been there quite a few times. Once Marissa & Nick came with me and we lost Nick in the fabric, but he was hiding and pooping! Ahh, memories.