Sunday, April 25, 2010

Post Comfort Inn Day

After feverishly working for weeks on some new "creations" we realized...ooops, we only concentrated on children's clothes for the Vendor Show at the Comfort Inn Suites. But who doesn't love little girls clothing? Luckily, Angie realized it before the show and created a beautiful skirt, definitely not something you see every day and a nifty pocketbook. We had a great day at the show with several new clients under our belt, lots of shared information among vendors, some great compliments on our workmanship (the backbone of anything hand-made), good pricing and a clothing sale. Whoo hoo! Next step is to get our online shop going. We're thinking of trying out, a showplace of beautiful hand-made items. Look for that posting!


  1. Have you tried selling your items on Ebay? Some of those folks have a very nice niche market going.

  2. I love those dresses...that's the only thing I miss out on having boys! ;)