Friday, September 3, 2010

New Jersey Project Runway

After watching Project Runway on Lifetime for many, many episodes, Angie & I were inspired to take a field trip into New York City to Mood, the fabric store the contestants go to for their fabric. They certainly don't show you much of the store on the show so we were blown away by 3 FLOORS of gorgeous fabric of every type imaginable. I think if we had unlimited funds we couldn't have even made a small dent in what we would have liked to have purchased. Unbelievable amount of buttons, trims, lace, closures, etc., etc. We were in heaven. I found some beautiful Oscar de la Renta silk print that I'm going to make a dress out of for a wedding I'll be attending soon. On top of all that was the "side shows" going on. Quite a bunch of artistic people work and seem to frequent there. We had lots to talk about on our way home. We're planning a return trip in the very near future. We spent about 2 hours browsing and didn't even get to see much of the bottom floor so we have a mission! As much as we appreciated our husbands coming with us, I think we'll just make it a girls trip next time.


  1. Oh my God, I cannot tell you how jealous I am!!

  2. LOL!! That pic of my dad is hhhhhhilarious! Can't believe you guys went to Mood and my mom never even thought to mention it! How cool!