Saturday, October 2, 2010

Debut Purse Party

Last night we held our very first "design your own purse party" also known as "It's All In The Bag"! With about 12 people in attendance, and a great host (shout out to Liz!) it was definitely a success. Two of our most poplular items were the "Eternity Scarf" and the repurposed (going green!) Denim purse. Constructed using an old pair of denim jeans, the legs are cut off, bottom sewn together, lining, sash, straps and decorative matching bias on the pockets (great place for your cell phone!) this was the hit of the evening. We used a retro looking fabric, thanks to the Spring Fashion forecast for a return of the 70's look. This item is listed in our online shop if interested in purchasing for yourself or as a gift.

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