Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pretty Purses

Our customer came to us with her wedding gown and an idea to have 4 wristlets created for each of her daughters and daughters-in-laws to use on their wedding days. We designed 4 different ones using different parts of her wedding gown and the lace on her veil. The flowers on one of them came from her headpiece. She had also wanted us to keep enough of the gown intact so that she could have other things made down the road...a christening gown...a teddy bear....etc so we only took fabric where we normally don't use for a gown. We used a PUL fabric for the lining because Jayne thought they could be used as makeup bags later on. We also used the swivel hooks so the straps could be removed. We think this is another great way to recycle wedding gowns!

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