Thursday, June 26, 2014

Special Gown for Lindsey

Our customer Lindsey came to us with a portion of her mother-in-law's gown as well as her mom's wedding gown. Her mom had passed away while Lindsey was on her honeymoon 10 years ago. She wanted a gown for her daughter using both. The bodice was from M-I-L, the skirt from her mom. We removed some of the lace appliques to use on the gown, which was hand sewn on. The rest of the lace will be saved for her sister to use. The pillow is actually is a gift for her M-I-L, incorporates an applique and chiffon and embroidered with her initials and wedding date on the back. It was indeed an emotional day for Lindsey. At her daughter's christening she and her husband will renew their vows since it's also their 10th anniversary weekend and how wonderful that her mother will be a part of it all.


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