Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wedding Gown to Christening Gown

 Our newest customer brought her wedding dress to us a couple of weeks ago requesting it be turned into a Christening gown for her new daughter. The dress had not been cleaned after the wedding years ago and it was evident that she had a great time that day! After carefully de-constructing the gown, we were able to use the front part, that was a panel of lace, appliques, beads and sequins as the front part of the gown, the bodice front & back and the back of the bonnet. The rest of the gown was bridal satin which we used for the back of the dress and the puffly sleeves as well as a jacket and the rest of the bonnet. Carefully removing some of the extra appliques, they were hand sewn onto the jack & the bonnet for a cohesive look. The tricky part of cutting out the Christening dress was trying avoide the stains on the dress. Of course, after we started de-constucting the wedding gown, I realized I should have taken a "before" picture. Duh! So, here's the after picture, which really don't give it justice. We're so proud of how it came out and best of all mom was thrilled. She'll be coming back with baby in a few weeks to make sure it fits for her special day.

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