Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The End of an Era

This Friday marks the end of an era. The house that was home to mom and dad, and then just dad, is sold and Friday is the day of the closing. In 1972 my family moved into the house in Old Bridge. It would be home to my brothers and sisters, but I was engaged to be married and only lived in the house for a year. My childhood was spent moving from one place to another and it became a memory game to remember all the towns I lived in. Still, it was the one place where I could find my family and after they all moved out, I could find my parents, mom making jig saw puzzles and dad reading his books or on the computer, just quietly enjoying their retirement. Almost 4 years ago mom left to go home to the Lord, and it was just Dad. Almost every week Dad would come over for dinner and we would spend an hour together, having a meal and talking. Sometimes it was learning about Dad's childhood, sometimes current events. Dad has now moved in with my brother who lives over an hour and a half from me, not that bad, but not around the corner anymore. My brother couldn't understand the big deal I was making the last night Dad came for dinner. I know it's best for him to be with my brother, but change, at any age is hard. I love you Dad!

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