Friday, February 18, 2011

The Newest Christening Gown Creation

Much to our pleasure, more and more people are finding us through this blog who are looking to convert their wedding dress into heirloom christening outfits for their babies. Our most recent customer wanted not just a gown for her daughter's christening but also to be able to convert it when she has her boy (yup, she's determined). We do love a challenge! Fortunately this time I took pictures of the gown before we took scissors to it and so we can show the conversion from wedding to christening gown. She wanted the christening gown to resemble her wedding gown, so instead of gathers, we put pleats in the front, used the beaded bodice to create a waisband. The skirt is detachable from the bodice so that the boy's pants can be attached. A little cummerbund waistband covered the snaps. The bonnet was fashioned also using the bodice fabric. How fulfilling it is to see the joy on the customer's face when they finally see the finished outfits! She loved it so much she wanted us to make her a matching skirt out of the left-over fabric. We are promised pictures so look for them in an upcoming blog. Meanwhile, we're off to our next creation, this time using a cathedral train in ivory and ecru lace....more on that later!

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