Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dog Fest 2011

What a great day! I've never seen so many different kinds, shapes and sizes of dogs. Angie's "grandpuppies" attended and entered the Costume Contest with a bride and groom costume she made and won First Prize! They attracted a lot of attention, which meant lots of customers for us! Many people took their pictures and how good were they, especially when we kept changing their costumes? Along with our handmade costumes (Juan Bow-Dez, Dinosaur, Bunny, Cow, Bumble Bee, Pumpkins and Santa) in a variety of sizes, we also had coats and hats (as modeled by some of our "customers") and fleece NFL coats, which were a big hit. We're now busy at work filling all our orders. For more information on sizes and prices, send an email or give us a call. We ship all over the USA.

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