Friday, October 7, 2011

Newest Conversion from Wedding Gown

Our newest wedding gown came from Phila. Pa. A beautiful dress with a pleated bodice, spaghetti strapes, netting with tiny white and pink flowers, satin and organza with flowers and beading on the bottom. Our original thought was to make the same type top for the christening gown but realized that that much pleating on such a small bodice would make it very stiff and uncomfortable for baby Ella so instead we just used 3 of the pleats on the bottom of the bodice and placed some of  the flowers and beads on top to create a look similar to mommy's wedding gown.  For the bottom we used the same satin and organza. We created a bonnet using the satin and organza, embellishing with a few more beads on the sides to complete the look. We wish Ella and her family much joy on her christening day! Ella's mommy has a shop on Etsy with some adorable hats and headbands. Please visit her site at

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