Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Newest Wedding Gown Conversion

Our newest creation was designed and made for baby Annabelle and her mom Carly. Carly requested that we try to use only the long train on the back of the dress and leave the main dress intact. We're happy to report we were able to accomodate her. She also wanted the sheer, appliqued overlay used on the christening gown bottom and we were able to remove more appliques to tie it all together. Several appliques were hand sewn onto the bonnet and the bodice of the gown. Many times we have to work around dirty and stained areas of the gown and in this case we had to move up the train to get good fabric but this meant the long swoop of the train overlay would not lay straight on the skirt. We were able to work around this by pulling up the top of the overlay skirt and create an upsweep in the back, sort of a "princess" look.


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