Friday, March 29, 2013

What to Expect

You've decided to convert your wedding gown to a christening gown or romper for your precious baby, so what can you expect? Having a garment custom made means you should expect a beautiful, hand crafted item that will be made using your wedding gown with any lace/decorations/beading/buttons that would look appropriate for a baby. Sometimes the beading is so heavy that we only use part of the design. We design specifically for you taking into consideration any specific requests. Often the design evolves as we sew. Often customers send us pictures of outfits they have seen and like and that helps us a great deal. Other times we're handed a gown and just told to "do our thing", which we also enjoy. Okay, so there's nothing about this we don't enjoy!

We look over your wedding gown and inspect it for stains. We usually recommend that if you have not had your gown cleaned to wait until after we complete the garment because we need to handle the fabric. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the stains will come out so we try as hard as we can to only use clean fabric, but sometimes that's not possible. All fabric not used is returned to our customer.

Most people don't realize how much fabric is needed to create the gown or romper. Sometimes if there is enough fabric, we have been requested to make both a boys and girl's outfit and if the wedding gown has a long train, this can usually be done. Sometimes we are asked to make a gown suitable for a boy or girl and then create a girl's bonnet and a boy's hat.

We generally like to have 3 weeks start to finish. There is quite a bit of hand sewing involved. The bodice of the gown/romper is fully lined. What you cannot expect is cookie cutter, factory looking sewing. We are our own worst critics and do not let anything out of our hands until we are satisfied.

We can also create matching jackets, coats, slips, vests, etc.

We have also created First Communion dresses from mom's gown. Those are a bit trickier and sometimes cannot be entirely made from that fabric. We can also create veils for the girls from their mom's veil. Another way of handing down precious memories.

The beauty of a custom made garment is you CAN have it your way!

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