Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Returning Mommy!

A customer that we had made a romper for from her wedding gown 2 years ago returned to us with the remnants of what was leftover. We had tried to save as much as we could. She had imagined we would be making a gown for a daughter. Instead she had another son so we made a different romper but with a detachable skirt for "when" she has her daughter. We also created a boys "Messenger" cap and a bonnet. We did have to supplement the skirt with satin material for the underskirt. The overlay was from her gown. There's not much left but the bodice and the overlay! A special medal was sewin into the outfit. Today we spoke to another one of our mommies who will be sending the remainder of her gown for a romper to be made for her brand new son. We love you all! 

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