Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy 65th Anniversary Gram & Gramps!

My son-in-law's grandmother had given me her wedding gown thinking I might be able to use it in my business. Knowing that their 65th anniversary was coming up I thought a gift to remember her gown by would be just the thing. I took some of the fabric and lace and soaked them overnight in Oxyclean. The lace was "crunchy" and easy to tear so I only used small squares of it. The buttons on the gown were covered in lace so I wanted to use them as well. The gown had beading, which I used as a decoration. I embroidered their initials as well as their wedding date on the back of the pillow. I was also wondering if there would be a market for christening gowns made from heirloom wedding gowns?

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