Thursday, October 16, 2014

Betty's Baby

We love to use all parts of the wedding gown whenever possible. From Betty's gown we used the dress bottom for the bonnet, shoes, blanket, diaper cover, gown & long coat. We removed appliques for use to cover up some stains, for the shoes and bonnet. All this was hand stitched on each item. Some of the netting was also used on the shoes to dress it up. We used ribbons to tie, as this assures a better fit. The blanket was lined in minky and we used satin binding. On the diaper cover, we used part of a rosette that was on the back of the gown. We used the lace from her slip for the slip she ordered. All the rest of the fabric was 100% cotton with a tiny cross embroidered at the top, shell stitching around the neck and the lace on the bottom. She also ordered our garment bag, which is made from 100% cotton unbleached muslin. This is the best way to store your heirloom items. There's a pocket on the back for the accessories. Thie fabric allows air to flow through the items but keep the light out. Many times we use older gowns and if they're really yellowed we try to lighten them with oxyclean but sometimes the color just adds to the gown, like this one.


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