Thursday, November 6, 2014


From Melinda's gown we created an adorable little gown using the appliqued bottom of the gown, which had to be re-attached in some places along with some of the beads. We took some of the appliques and placed them on the sleeve. Since the shrug had so much going on we decided to only place some of the bodice lace on the bodice of the gown. The shrug used the bottom of the gown on the back and part of the front. We put ties on the gown mainly to help with the sizing of the gown for Zoey. Mom also wanted a shrug, bonnet and shoes...unfortunately I can't find the pictures of the shoes. They were mary-jane type. To put it all in, she also purchased one of our special garment bags made of unbleached muslin and embroidered with her initials. There's a special pocket in the back to hold all the accessories. This was created and a pattern made by Angie. Our research tells us this is the best way to store your heirloom items.

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