Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wedding Gown Convert

Our newest confection began this time with a beautiful ivory gown with ecru satin finishing off the bottom and around a waistline that was so small, I don't think I've been that size since I was about 3. The dress was memaid-ish in style so that meant there was not alot of fabric. Jenn, the newest member of our "family," ordered not only a gown for her daughter's christening day but also a boy's romper "just in case". She also wanted a jacket, but by the time we cut out those two outfits, there was nothing much but scraps left. In trying to mirror her gown for her daughter, we had to remove several appliques from the sides and back (stubborn little suckers) and re-applied them to the dress and bonnet, while using the satin waistline on the gown and the satin edging on the bottom of the dress  and to finish off the bottom of the boy's romper and the bottom of the gown. We put a little bit of each of us in our creations, (ouch, sometimes more than a piece) but we love every minute of it. God's blessings on your christening day!

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