Saturday, January 21, 2012

And sew it goes!

After taking a brief holiday and wth very successful holiday sales, Angie and I are back at work creating items to sell at the various stores we rent space in. We are currently working on a new "one of a kind" Christening gown for our newest customer Jen from Michigan. Hi Jen!!! I'll be posting before and after pictures soon. We like to design the Christening gowns to look similar to the wedding gown. Jen's gown was very loose and flowy, sort of like a Grecian goddess. So as not to make a baby Grecian goddess, we incorporated some of the elements but kept it looking like it would be worn by a baby. So, watch soon for new pictures!

And a shout out to my goddaughter Macy, who has designed her own prom gown and we'll have the fun of puttin it all together.

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