Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sweet Ashley

Our latest customer, brought us her gown that had been thrown into a black garbage bag and stored who knows where! Trying to find clean fabric to use for the gown was quite a challenge. We usually tell people to get the christening gowns cleaned after we work on them, rather than before, but this one was a doozy! After undoing the bustling and de-construction, we were able to find a good amount without stains. We also like to use bead work from the gown to decorate baby's gown, but we found this bead work to be rather clunky for a wee baby. Fortunately, mom brought along her veil, cathedral length, decorated in very delicate bead work all the way around, which I carefully cut around and placed on the hat, jacket and the bottom of the gown. I used silver embroidery thread to hand sew it all on. We did find some larger bead work from the bodice to use on the bodice of the gown to tie it all together and the back of the wedding gown became the back of the christening gown. Mom was very happy with the results and hopefully we'll receive pictures of baby in her gown.



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