Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Nathaniel's Big Day

Mom came to us with her dream of having her son's Christening outfit made from her gown with shoes, along with a girl's gown and a pillow to dream on for her own special day. It was mom's request to not only have the Christening date put on the bottom of his shoe but also embroidery little crosses on the toes. What a great idea! We also embroidered the wedding date on her pillow as a memento of her own very special day. What a great family, it was such fun to meet them...and especially "grandman" who was thrilled with the girl's gown. We used the heavily beaded area of mom's gown as the bodice of the gown. The embroidered train gave us lots to work with for the pillow, vest of the boy's outfit and bottom of the gown. There was enough plain satin for all the rest.

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